Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Awesome little gift

I love making presents and these sticky back notebooks are perfect for it.

1. Cut a piece of Kromecote cardstock size 8,9 cm x 8,9 cm. Drag a stripe with you ink pad direct onto a craftsheet, do so with 3 different colours, then spray some water onto your craftsheet. Layer your piece of cardstock onto the craftsheet. Stamp with Stazon Black the Whimsical Peacock onto the cardstock. Make some accents with a white gelpen. Stamp with Stazon Black on a scrap piece of cardstock the text birds of a feather and cut out in two parts. Glue that beneath the bird. Make some lines around it with a black fineliner.
2. Stick the stamped cardstock onto the notebook and finish it off with some washi tape at the top and the back.
3. Use the leftover Kromcote carstock and cut it into a tag. Stamp the Bird head on Stick with Stazon Black. And stamp the text Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle above the head. Then sponge the background with 3 different colours, the same as you used for the notebook. Take a brush and use some water and take some colours directly from the inkpad to colour the face and the shades. use some washi tape to glue over it.
4. Gift wrap it in transparant foil, take some matching ribbon and fasten the tag to the present.

All stamps used are also on plate 1398.



Sandra Strait said...

Awesome project!

Glenda T. said...

This is super cute!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome art, Hermine! I love these whimsical creature stamps.