Thursday, September 06, 2012

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Linus will be out in a few weeks waiting for the Great Pumpkin!!!  It's almost 100 degrees here in St. Louis, and I wish fall would be coming soon.  Won't expect cooler weather until mid-November!!!!

VLVS gives one who does not draw a perfect image, many imaes to create with.  For this work of art, I used many VLVS images, Memento's ink in a few colors, and Twinkling H20's!  While this photo does not show the shimmer, this pumpkin patch has glorious autumn colors that twinkle in the light!

See the Shimmer!!!

VLVS Images:

15555 Large Pumpkin
18897 R.I.P. and Jack o'Lantern (grass only)
18917 Raven/Crow Small Right
18916 Raven/Crow Small Left

Note:  Watercolor brushes, paper towel, Memento Inks, and Twinkling H20's used.

1.  Creating the Stamped Pumpkins by Masking.  Use whatever material you use to mask the first pumpkin after stamping it.  I use low-tack film.  Maskoid, Post-It Notes, Clear Masking Products, can also be used .  Move the mask around as you need to in order to stamp 5 pumpkins.  Stamp in an orange ink.
Pumpkin with Masking Film On It

2.  Next, ink up just one part of the grass area of image 18897 and stamp grass in a light green.  Repeat stamping grass until you have it around the bottom on and below the pumpkins.  This is your base drawing for painting your pumpkins.

3.  Painting the Pumpkins and Grass.  I won't go into the whole shading talk but notice where the pumpkins overlap??  Where they overlap will be shaded darker.  This will "pop" forward the pumpkins or parts of pumpkins.  You may want to use a light orange-yellow or yellow on the areas that are very dimensional on the top of the pumpkin to give the roundness.  For the grass, the areas where one pumpkin is further back is in shadow.

Click on the picture to see a close up of what I am talking about when it comes to shading.  I used several colors of Twinks to create the shading, there is a coppery brown I used for both the stems and shadows.  Note:  If the colors start to mud because the cardstock is too wet, just take a piece of paper towel and blot.  This will pick up color and you can start again.  I have a heat tool handy to dry areas.

For the sky I wet the cardstock slightly (after the pumpkins were dried) to do a "wet on wet" technique.  The colors used were a blue-green and gold.  Randomly swipe colors with brush adding more gold towards the bottom by the pumpkins.  A tiny bit of yellow was added to the upper left sky as the sun is peaking in as it sets. 

Gold is added to the grass to tie the colors in, add a lovely shimmer, and dimension.

4.  Overstamp the Watercolor Picture.  I call this "overstamp," where you stamp over other stamped images, background, or painted art.  Overstamp the gate near the bottom, the tiny left facing bird on the left pumpkin.  After the painting is cut and mounted, I stamped the right bird on the decorative paper.

If you find shading a challenge, just paint the pumpkins all orange and then mix a coppery or gold Twinkling H20's together on a palette and shade the darker areas.  Easy Peasy - viola' and done!

Coming up our Halloween Blog Hop!  I've got some ghoulish images from 2 new Halloween plates ready to scare the pants off of you!!! (Only joking ha ha)  Enjoy the fun and see some great ideas posted by our Design Team.

Crea8tiveLea Yours - Lea


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What a wonderful card! And great step by step instructions.

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thanks for sharing..