Monday, December 30, 2019

altered Index cards

Hello Crafty Friends!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all are having a wonderful December! 
Here in Ohio we have been blessed with wonderful and unseasonable weather! 
(50's and 60's rather than the usual teens or lower!!)

Today I want to share 2 altered index cards with you.
I seem to be feeling the itch for them again... I love the size and how fun they are to flip through when you have several together.  This time I am not trying to convince myself that I will finish 1 a day (#ICAD). Rather, I am just following whatever my crafty muse tells me to do!

I am also on a kick for faux postage of late, so maybe I will share some of that in a later post.

Anyhow, lets get on with showing you these mini works of art.

This one was fun to be able to match with my washi tape that had the quote on it!
(Background was created with Distress Oxide ink and a layering stencil)

This one is of course this one is total love for me! 

I had this piece of scrap paper cut to index card size already.  A while back I had used it to test my crackle medium, but never went any farther with it. 
I saw it the other day and I instantly knew what was missing... So along came my Grandville character and the postal marks (along with some ink distressing) and it was instant love!

Have you made any altered index cards or participated in #ICAD ?


Foxglove's MM Journey said...

Love these index cards! I did the ICAD for the second time this year, but still only managed to make around 10 cards. Its a perfect size for arting, though! I also love that wonderful Grandville character...I received him in a grab bag and it made my day! Loving how you used him!

Tera Callihan said...

Lucky grab bag find!!!! I think about 10 is all the farther I got the last time I tried too!!! Now I think I'm just going to see if I do see you more this year and put them in my rotation of random fun things to play on

LuckyLady said...

May I ask which crackle medium and name/brand you used for the stencil, please, on the Grandville card? Love it, too!!!

Tera Callihan said...

I used the ranger crackle collage medium. They just rebranded it under Tim Holtz, but I think mine is the original branded under Wendi Vecchi. Hope this helps :)

LuckyLady said...

I was confused because I thought the crackle effect was somewhat transparent, and the Ranger crackle medium is opaque, with a white color. After research, Wendy's original crackle medium does give a paler white version, and if applied towards the lower part of your card with a lighter touch or less product, it could appear milky, or more translucent, than the upper part.
Many thanks for your response and delightful card!

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