Saturday, May 06, 2017

Winner winner!

We have some challenge winners to catch up -- and we're pretty excited to share all this really great work with you!

From December :

From January

From February

From March

From April

And we have some random winners :
December : Gerrina
January : Kristiina
February : Majo
March : Gerda
April : ionabunny

Everyone email me @ please and we'll get you some rubber in the mail! CONGRATS!

Blog spotlight winners feel free to use the following graphic on your blog -- you can easily link back to this post for everyone to see your beautiful work on display!


ionabunny said...

Hei, wonderful winners and lucky random picks. So happy to be one of them. Thanks so much VLVS. You rock. Hugz

Julie S said...

Stoked! What a nice way to start my morning. Thanks, VLVS!!

Gerrina said...

That is a nice way of closing my day!
Great to see my name here and I am not dreaming jet :)!

Art Tart on a Farm said...

Thanks.....I am so tickled.

Majo said...

I'm so happy to be one of the winners, *HappyDance* over here ♥