Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Don't Waste Time Being Normal - Art Journal Page by Fiona

Hello VLVS peeps! Fiona here with you today to share a little art journal spread I have created. I also have a little step through picture process for you.

I had no idea what I was creating when I started this and I'll teach you the value of gesso at about step Five!

 To begin with, I knew I wanted to use the UmWOW Studio star stencil as I wanted to create a sky effect. I masked the pages off so I didn't get a sharp edge line from the edge of the stencil when I sprayed. It sort of worked LOL

 I also flipped the stencil over and used up the extra spray that had accumulated on the top and pressed out down to make a revers pattern of the stars across the middle of the page. So you can see that my "star sky" was now all over my page .... Oh well ....

I rectified this slightly by adding some different pigment ink colours through the stencil. I made sure I chose a darker color too so it would stand out just in the sky area. Again there was so much ink left on top of the stencil that I just couldn't bear to waste so I got out my baby wipe and wiped it across the stencil and created another layer of stars.

I applied some gesso lightly to the areas I wanted to stamp on. This helps the stamped image stand out but also gives the ink some tooth to grip onto. This is where I stuffed up...... I stamped an image of the boy in the boat no worries but the glider .... well let's just say this is the point where gesso is your friend! Now I have clouds in my sky!!

I emphasised the "ocen" part of my page with some more spray but rather than spraying it, I simply added it via the dip stick.

Some more stamping .... of course ..... because once you start you just can't stop. I used my title or quote stamp to create not just a title but also a part of the ocean. I love doing this with stamps.

Then I got all fancy and added some texture! This is a mixture of 1 part Glossy Accents and 1 part water. It makes a really runny sticky glue. Then I add some micro beads and mix it all up. This allows them to be added to the page easily with my brush..... the hard part is leaving it all to dry!

While I waited .... I did some more stencilling with some heavy gesso to add some textured stars to the top of my page. When it was all dry I traced around some of the stars and added some black gesso lightly over the top (now it was night time!) and I drew in some waves in the ocean with a graphite pencil ... a 4B I think .. nice and soft.

And then it was pretty much all done.

 A few black ink splatters to finish it off and I had made something LOL!

VLVStamps used:

I hope you enjoyed my little creation. See you all again soon xx


Darlene said...

great pages...and thx for the tip on the micro beads. I usually put glue all over then dump beads on and hope it sticks !!

Corrie Herriman said...

Gorgeous Fiona ! x

Lisa Amiet said...

Love love love it!

Unknown said...

The Waves , and black stars .. I love love love it !! 😍

Gryczová Denisa said...

Wow, perfect!