Monday, June 27, 2016

Mail art monday with Hermine

Hi Hermine here, I altered this box for my turn on mail art monday. The size is to fit two DVD boxes in it. I bought an blanc one, so awesome to turn it in to a colourful and btight one and its already on its way to Vegas.

step 1: lay the box flat on your work service and brayer on some acryllic paints, I used red, blue, yellow and green. Leave to dry. Then take a stencil and brayer qwith white acryllix paint. Leave to dry again.

step 2: mask off the area you want to put the adress in, but mask of the outside lines, paint in with white acryllic paint. Start enhancing the box with stamps. First I used the Writing Chevron 19824 and stamped with Colorbox Chalk Black bird

step 3 : Mask off the space for the adress,  then I stamped the Doodle Flower/garden 19828 on both sides of the bottom. And the Squiggly Star collage 19822 ont the address side of the box.

step 4: Then enhance some of the circles with Doodle Circle 19823. And last but not least stamp the Banksy Winged Mohaek guy 19602 on the left hand side of the address space.

step 5: fold the box, close the lid, write on the adress and sent away!!!!

Hope you like it.

Warmly Hermine

Used materials:
Writing Chevron 19824
Doodle Flower/garden 19828
Squiggle Star Collage 19822
Doodle Circle 19823
Banksy winged Mohawk guy 19602
cardboard box
acryllic paint
Colorbox Chalk ink Blackbird

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