Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Paint your dream with Banksy girls

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my new tutorial made for VLVS blog.
It becomes harder and harder to make tutorials as actually everything was already made and shown over the web.
 So if not the new techniques, maybe a new arrangement of pieces or just a way I think when I  make a big project that involves Mixed Media art and stamping.
 So this is a tutorial about all of those: my way of thinking when I make a new art piece/pieces; some of my favorite techniques and last, but not least- 4  canvases arrangement into one single art adventure.
I decided to make 4 canvases art piece with 3 Banksy stamps and to connect them all as a part of wall paint art. So  each stamp has it's own small (4*4'' ) canvas and the title canvas(7*7'') it the one that connect all small art pieces to one single " something".
Step by step tutorial:
1. Stamp background over each small canvas with some small background stamps. I picked small stamps and even with them I just stamped on the edges as the central part  intended to be for the main stamped image. I used pigmented black ink (Clearsnap) and clear embossing powder to heat emboss the backgrounds. 4 background were used here: Six Hexagons, Washi Grid, Think to thin round and Grunge circles.
I made the same stamping over the larger canvas using Brick background.

2. For the next step I used a few of my stencils (Memory box this time) and Gel medium. Yes, I didn't use texture paste but a very gentle gel medium that is almost translucent when it's dry. I covered the whole canvas with the stencil, but added gel medium randomly here and there. Let the wet medium dry. It takes time. You can do step 3 while your are waiting.

And the large canvas after stamping and adding gel medium texture:

3. Stamp all three main images with black permanent ink (Ranger) over tissue white paper. As our canvases are very textured, the only way to add good stamped image is to stamp over tissue, to tear the image and to adhere it with the very same gel medium.

4.Mist your 4 textured canvases with a mix of mists, according to the colors you want to see with each image. Wipe the mists a bit as we really want to see the gel medium stencilled texture and our primary background stamping.

5. Adhere the torn stamped over tissue images over  those three small canvases and let it dry.
6. Glue letters over the large canvas to make your title. I used simple stickers and Thickers to make my title. As always the sticky backs are not sticky, so I used my usual trick and it's to make a thin line or a few lines with some clear glaze to connect the letters and to adhere them to the background. The dry glaze looks divine (like water drops) and adds some interest to  your finished piece.

7. Add some drops of color to each canvas and arrange them to your favorite group arrangement.

6 Hexagon background Item 19076 Plate 917
Washi Grid Background Item 19074 Plate 917
Thick to thin Round Item 900 Plate 272 Page 279
Brick backround- Item 19077 Plate 917
Grunge cricles Item 19563 Plate 1451
Banksy Rain Under Umbrella girl  Item 19486 Plate 1447
Banksy Swing girl Item 19425 Plate 1443
Banksy Girl Floating with Balloons Item 19421 Plate 1443

Other products:
Stencils- Memory Box
Mists: Tattered Angels
Inks: Ranger, Clearsnap
Gel medium
Letter stickers- AC,Pebbles

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Stunning! Jo x

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Gorgeous !
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