Thursday, November 13, 2014

Door stopper

Hi Hermine here, this time I found a children's hobbybox to make a door stopper, but I wanted my own unique one of a kind version by altering it. This is so much fun.

front view

side view


in function (doens't it match my new flooring perfectly)

works perfect

the children's hobbybox I bought (for once I didn't forget to make a picture of the before phew)

step 1: take all the parts out of the box, I kept the fabrix, the buttons and the fiber with the pompoms, the rest I put aside.
step 3: sew all parts together, I did this by hand because my sewing skills are that great, and even worse with a sewing machine, but its easy because they are all rectangles.
step 4: fill the door stopper with heavy material like pebbles. Sew on the handle.
step 5: give the focal image some white accents with a white gel pen.

Hope you like it!

Warmly Hermine

Used material:


Paulien said...

Wow Hermine, Supercool!!

Corrie Herriman said...

What a great idea ! Love it !
Corrie x

Chark said...

ok, this is so cool!