Monday, October 13, 2014

Murder Mystery Mail Art!!

Ready for some Murder Mystery MailArt?
ok, lets see if you can solve the crime!!
(wildest/funniest guess in the comment wins this envelope!!!)

Stamps Used: 

other supplies:
Ink- black, brick red distress, weathered wood distress, frayed burlap distress ink
Markers in various colors (distress, stamping markers and copics for the skin)
White Jelly Roller pen
my fingers for the finger prints

Start by stamping your crime scene tape then masking it off, next stamp Sherlock. 
while your crime scene tape is still masked off use your jagged fence stamp and your ink drops/runs stamp (or blood in my case), Want to add some extra mystery? add a coffee ring stamp! 
for added fun ink up some fingers and add some random prints!! :D 

Who was drinking coffee at the crime scene?? The cops? Sherlock? the Criminal? you decide!!! 


Annie said...

It was the Butler and his weapon was a piece of sharp jagged fence and he murdered in the Library! He simply no longer could handle the "meanial" commands of his self-absorbed squire. He snapped! How convenient that the fence was in the process of being repaired, and the whole incident has been blamed on the jagged fence worker. As the investigation unfolds outside, inside, the butler relaxes in the dead squire's chair with his feet propped up, smoking the dead squire's imported cigars.

Unknown said...

Wow Annie.. I think I want you working on my crime scene. That is pretty good investigator. But who left the blood.. is it the perps or the victims? Where is the body.. is there a body.. hum?

Tamdsgns said...

love this!I need that crime scene and coffee ring stamps.

Tera Callihan said...

LOve it ladies!! keep them coming!!

Tera Callihan said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

leuk en origeneel zo je het brengt leuke stempel.

{S} said...

It's not coffee, it's Tea. Sherlock was busy thinking over the current case he is on and was interrupted when a new client ran into his office in need of his help removing a bomb from his body. Sherlock wasn't able to disable the bomb in time. That's also why there is blood on his face & neck. Now he is on the hunt to find the person who sent the man to his office. :~P

Kay said...

This is fantastic!

When arriving to the crime scene Sherlock immediately noticed the blood and coffee stains near the fence of the parking lot. He quickly deduced from the tiny piece of blue fabric caught between the wires of the fence, the havoc inside the shop and the delicious scent in the air what had happened: In the twilight hours of the night the smell of donuts frying started to permeate the air. Four cops on a stake out began to drool over the scent coming from the nearby donut shop. Imagining the tasty morsels melting in their mouths, they couldn't stand the temptation any longer. Fearing their captains wrath if it was known they left their post they decided to sneak through neighboring yards and jump the chain link fence to get to the shop. One of them was a hefty man and struggled to get over the fence. He ripped his pants and cut his leg on the top of the fence which left bloody drops as he made his way to the entrance. Inside the sight and smells of all that doughy goodness drove the officers wild. Immediately they turned into the monsters donut munchers they truly were. The shop keeper didn't even see what hit him. Soon he was down on the floor unconscious as the monster officers turned the place upside down devouring the sweet goodness in one bite. Shortly after they began to form back into their "normal" states and seeing the disheveled condition of the shop they realized they needed to get out of there fast. They knew they'd need coffee to destroy the scent of donuts on their breath so they each took a cup of coffee with them as they made their hasty escape. Returning to their cars the hefty officer, once again struggling to get over the fence spilling his coffee while doing so. Unfortunately for all the officers the blood officer hefty originally left as they entered the establishment was the demise of their departure. Each one left fingerprints on the bloody fence without knowing because of the dimness of moonlight.

TheVicChick said...

I started to reply but mine turned into a book that wasn't very funny

Corrie Herriman said...

I don't care who was drinking the coffee, all I know is this card is wonderful !
Corrie x

Unknown said...

No, no. It wasn't the butler. It was a nightmare scene at the zoo. The gorilla cage was ripped open and someone or some thing was torn ragged by the torn metal cage. It appeared someone had tried to kidnap the beast but Sherlock knew looks can be deceiving. The blood spatter pattern told Sherlock, who had forensics training that the scene was actually set by the gorilla. On the trail now, Sherlock is right behind the runaway gorilla. But, does the gorilla know this. The moral to the story is to google how to plan a crime scene so no one really knows what has happened. Of course, we all know Gorillas don't have computer skills. Or do they? Truth can be stranger than fiction.