Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PanPastel on notebooks

Our 1st post today featuring Pan Pastels is from the superb Hermine Koster!

Hi Hermine here, I enhanced some little notebooks using PanPastel.

 step 1: take a stencil and sponge a light coat of gesso. When dry colour it with Panpastel Magenta and Violet. With Versamark stamp Waybill/Invoice background 19416 partially on the righthand side and  French writing background 19297 on the lefthand side and colour with PanPastel violet.
step 2: Then stamp with Versamark Spotty Background 1461 serveral times at the right and lefthand side and colour with PanPastel Magenta. Stamp with Stazon Black Whimsical kids with Futuristic hats 19410 on the notebook as well as on a scrap piece of paper. Colour in the kids on the scrap piece of paper and cut (you don't have to cut out the antennes on the hats) and glue on the notebook. Stamp with Stazon black the tekst Not all who wander 19413
step 3: take some acryllic paint and a brush and splatter onto the notebook. make some white highlights with a white colouring pencil

 step 1: Stamp with Versamark the Victorian Flourish 19417 and undernetath that the Waybill/invoice  Background 19416. Colour the top half with PanPastel Magenta and the bottom part with PanPastel Violet.
step 2: Stamp with Stazon Black the Butterflies Specimens 19415 and the Pulse rate 19186
step 3: Take a credit card and drag some gesso on the lefthand side And colour with PanPastel. Take some different sizes lids and make some circles with gesso. Colour the circles with PanPastel.
step 4: Take a piece of paper and stamp  with Stazon Black Sitting Elephant 19157, mask it off and stamp Roller skate 19419, colour in and cut out. Glue it on the notebook. Make some hightlights with a white Sharpie.

step 1: Tear a piece of masking paper into a trangle and put on the notebook. Take a stencil and sponge Versmark onto the book. Colour it with panPastel Violet and Magenta.
step 2: Take the leftover piece of masking paper and put over the coloured background. Stamp Whimsical Cyclops 19407 with Stazon Black and colour in with water solutable crayons and a water brush. Stamp the Color wheel  lines 193398 on the lefthand and right hand side. Then stamp the text purple is the drama 19346.
step 3: Scribble with a Mircon pen around the torn lines and make some highlights with a White Sharpie pen.

Materials used:
Waybill/invoice background 19416
French writing background 19297
Spotty Background 1461
Victorian Flourish 19417
Butterflies Specimens 19415
Pulse rate 19186
Sitting Elephant 19157
Roller Skate 19419
Whimsical Cyclops 19407
Color wheel lines 19338
Purple is the drama 19346
stazon black
PanPastel Magenta
PanPastel violet


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Fantastic and very beautiful work Hermine. Love it

Gerrina said...

Beautiful technique- and materials combinations! Groetjes, Gerrina

Corrie Herriman said...

Fantastic as usual !

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

As usual...stunning creations Hermine...gorgeous bookcovers with the stamps and the Pan Pastels...thanks for your inspirational artwork!!

Kind regards, Alie :-)