Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pair of mystical ATC

Hi, it's me with you today)))) Yeee, mellpellmell (Maria Potapovich) is the "postmaker" now)))
Sooooooo... Let's start!

I have two stamp on which were written the words, having a little mystical meaning.
This is the "abyss" and the "moonlight".

 I always wanted to do any projects that will reflect my vision of these words.
I think the ATC's  size is very well suited for a quick description of these concepts.

I chose such materials as threads and microbeads - I think they are well suited to create a mystical atmosphere.

Of course, to describe the moonlight I just needed a light bulb!

I have used the "Into The Abyss", "In the pale moonlight"  stamps, and "Washi grid background"  for background.

I hope you feel the mystique!

At least, I tried very hard to show it to you!


NWFlamingo said...

Oh ya! I'm feeling it!

Denise Bryant said...

Love all that texture!!

Tristan Robin said...

that moonlight card is knock-your-socks-off fabulous! intriguing and fascinating - nice, nice job! Thanks for sharing

Squiddy said...

Thanks for giving me some ideas to use the microbeads in my stash.

Chark said...

wow, how fun and mystical are these?! love!

Tanya said...

Very interesting and cool!

Diana Fernandez said...

Wow how cool!

Unknown said...

The beads and threads makes you want to reach out and touch it