Thursday, May 02, 2013

Parsley Sage Rosemary and...VLVS

Many years ago I dreamed of having a formal herb garden. In the center would be a small fountain and surrounding it would be old bricks and assorted herbs. Got the fountain but instead of a naked cherub I ended up with a naked frog. And although I did get the bricks and a great assortment of herbs, the rosemary took over and claimed the space as its own.

Two weeks ago I did a major overhaul and had the weeds rosemary cut back. The fountain broke and now houses flowers but I did add two different kinds of basil. To commemorate the rebirth of my herb garden I made a few herb candles.

White Tissue Paper
Rosemary Stamp, Sage Stamp, Thyme Stamp
Heat Gun
Ice pack – for when you burn your fingers!

This is an easy-peasy craft that only takes a few minutes to complete. Stamp your design on one piece of tissue paper and then cut so it will fit on the front of the candle. No need to wrap the tissue around the candle unless your design surrounds the entire candle. Hold the paper tight and gently move the heat gun over the paper until the wax melts. The white tissue paper changes color so you will know when it is done.

These $1.00 candles not only make great gifts but are really popular at craft fairs. Just make sure you have that ice pack nearby!!

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TAXCAT1 said...

use a pair of those wooden disposable chopsticks (they are stuck together), to hold onto the tissue when you use the heat gun. That way your fingers stay away from it...and can use the chopsticks to smooth down the tissue onto the candle that way,too. It looks very pretty!