Wednesday, May 08, 2013

And my name is .....

Hi, Herme here. Saw this typecase and I couldn't resist. Not knowing what to do with exactly it sat in my art room for a while. Then I saw these wooden letters on sale, they had all different colours but because I knew on forehand that I would paint them it didn't matter.

I sanded the letters slightly and painted alle of them except for the letter S with white gesso. The letter S is painted with black gesso.

Sand and painte with white gesso. Stamp on with Stazon Black. On the letter K I stamped the windmill scene 19124 and on the letter O the Sunflowers 19119. then I rubbed some gold and antique gold rubons on the edges.

Sanded and painted the letter S with black gesso and the letter T with white gesso. Stamped with M'xed Media Inx Jasmin the feather Silhoutte 19126 and on the T with Stazon Black winged girl under umbrella 19116. Again rubbing some gold and antique gold with rubons on the edges.

Finally I did the same with the letter E,  and stamped the Lighthouse scene 19125 on it. And used the sunflowers again for the letter R.  

Used stamps:
the Windmill scene 19124
Sunflowers 19119
feather silhoutte 19126
Winged girl under umbrella 19116
Lighthouse scene 19125
All the stamps can be found also on plate 923


Sandra Strait said...

What a fantastic idea!

Julie S said...

I love your stamped letters!

Salla said...

Cool idea and very beautifully done! Needless to say, this plate of stamps will be on my wish list for my next order...

Glenda T. said...

Wow this is gorgeous!!

Stamped Impressions said...


Ineke said...

Heel mooi Hermine.