Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Pretty Little Houses & Pink Flamingos

Hello my fine feathered friends!
Aimee here with not one, not two, but
projects for you!!!
When I saw the house half plate,
I just KNEW I had to have it!
These little houses are so sweet and adorable
and I have so many ideas for them.
Want to make these projects?
Well, alllllrighty then!
What you need:
Recycled cheese container
(this is a Laughing Cow cheese container)
Acrylic paints
Smooch inks
Sandy stuff from Mud Puddles
Foam tape or pop dots
Black ink (I used Pitch Black pigment ink from Ranger)
Other ink colors of your choice
Super Gloss EP from Viva Las Vegastamps!
Miracle Tape
Heat gun
A toothpick
Scraps of paper- white, blue, green, patterned papers
Pink Flamingos (the ones we get with our Viva Las Vegastamps orders)
Craft Bond or other stinky glue
First things first-
paint the cheese container inside and out...
I painted the outside purple and the  inside blue.
Once the blue was dry, I stippled a lighter blut over it,
then painted some blue Stickles over it.
Stamp houses with black pigment ink and emboss using Super Goss EP.
I did 6 houses.
Repeat with trees.
Stamp some trees in other ink colors.
Stamp the clouds on blue patterened paper using blue ink
(I used Denim Adirondack ink from Ranger)
Color houses and trees with Smooch colors.
Color in clouds with white Smooch.
While the Smooch is drying, start tearing up some green card stock for 'grass'.
Once everything is dry, start layering.
Use Miracle Tape to adhere everything...
I started with a couple of clouds, and then added a house.
Add some torn paper 'grass'.
Then add a tree or two.
Add more 'grass' using pop dots or foam tape,
and keep going until you fill the container and like the way it looks.
Once your container is layered to your liking,
put some of the Mud Puddles sandy stuff inside.

For your pink flamingos, snip the base off of each one,
put a little stinky glue on the back of each one,
and stick their legs down into the sandy stuff.
For the 'whimsy' flag, simply stamp the words onto a scrap of card stock.
Trim with scissors into a flag, put some Miracle Tape on the back and stick the tooth pick to it.
Put a pop dot or some foam tape behind the flag and stick it down,
tucking the toothpick ("flag pole") down in behnd some grass.
I am going to get little clear acrylic easels for these cuties!
And, here we have an art journal page.
This back ground was already done-
watercolor paints, Gelatos, and some stencils....
Sometimes I just play around in my books making backgrounds.
You'll follow the same process with this as you did
 with the container, minus the pop dots.
Place some clouds, then a house and a tree.
Layer some 'grass', and add another house and tree.
I also added the cool funky fence to the 2nd house.
Layer some more and add the third house.
I hope you enjoy these projects!
Have a lovely day!!


Sheri said...

very cute! I saved a box like that in hopes of doing something after i saw pintrest. But it sits in my stash.lol

Sandra Strait said...

This is so awesome! Love how you incorporated the Flamingoes!

Tarnished Rose said...

WOW! These are wonderful!


Squiddy said...

Glad I'm not the only one who takes the base off the flamingoes when it suits.

Unknown said...

Totally cute!

Glenda T. said...

This is so darn cute!!!