Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty Bird Tags

I love stamps that are very clear and deep. I like them to stamp impressions that are vibrant.

This ELEGANT BIRD STAMP fits the bill. NO pun intended HA HA!

Here is my completed project, two pretty unusual Christmas tags.

I just love decorating my handmade Christmas gifts with Handmade tags, it adds a certain something to the gift.

And as I always say Art does not have to be complicated.

These are SO easy.

1. Stamp your ELEGANT BIRD IMAGE onto a piece of cardstock.
2. Grab your favorite medium, watercolor, markers, paints. Whatever you want to use, i used my trusty Sharpies. YUP, i love Sharpies. The colors are fun and vibrant, and cheap. No, they probably won't be around forever, the colors will fade but it doesn't matter to me, so if this matters to you, plan accordingly.
3. I then paperpunched my borders.
4. Strung some ribbon on them which adds even more elegance to an already elegant stamp.
5. Give gift.

I told you, easy. Do something today, fun and easy, something that just makes your heart hum.

From my humming heart to yours,


Anonymous said...

Btoh tags are so beautiful and stylish

leslierahye said...

Very pretty! I love how sharpies can be transformed to look so elegant! :)