Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving Thanks...Part Deux II

*As a Special Request from our DT Leader Terri I am continuing Part Deux II of the Leaf Techniques with 1 stamp *

Hope you all have had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving dinner and now on Black Friday everyone is either relaxing with family or shopping all the Black Friday deals!  This is the second part of using 1 stamp, and how different techniques can give a variety of looks. 

Above is the maple leaf stamp using metallic inks.  Dew Drops are smaller ink pads so you can do DTR, direct to rubber, and stamp various areas with different colored inks.  When you stamp the leaf, it shows all the colors brilliantly!  This project is perfect for a bookmark.

To create this soft background, stamp the maple leaf on glossy cardstock using a "resist" ink.  Follow the directions of stamping and heat setting lightly.  Use a sponge and dye based ink and rub a few colors over the whole surface.  You notice where the resist was stamped you see a ghosting of the image.  I used a vinyl- clear sticker over the stamped background.

This is not a maple leaf, but can be done with the maple leaf.  VLVS has many leaf stamps.  Go to the site and key in "leaf" into the search and find a plethora of many leaf images.  Alcohol ink is the way to go on glossy cardstock.  Use many different colors and overlap to create falling leaves.  The top leaf is stamped on vellum, cut out and attached over the background.

Use an applicator with felt on it (note in the picture the felt is not there).  To make your own, find a scrap piece of wood or a wood mount without a stamp.  Use the loop of Velcro hook and loop and glue to the block of wood.  Viola', now you just put felt on that.  To add the alcohol ink to the applicator, bring the bottle to the felt (instead of holding it in the air and squirting ink) and squeeze 3 drops onto the felt.  Change the felt for each color unless you want them to mix (which can have cool results).  This is the simpliest way to use alcohol ink - there are more complex ways.

Foiled leaf is done with a double-tack glue.  Use Ranger's Cut n' Dry and squeeze some of the double-tack glue on the Cut n' Dry.  Stamp the image onto the Cut n' Dry, and stamp on the cardstock.  IMMEDIATELY wash your stamp so there is no glue residue.  The glue will go on white or slightly clear.  Wait until the image is totally clear before adding the foil leafing.

This shows what the card looks like once you press different color of leafing onto the card.  To the left is the piece of Cut n' Dry I used with double-tack glue.  I wash the pad after I use it.  Above is a texture sponge to burnish the leafing onto the card surface.  Let the extra leafing fall back into the container because you can use it again!!

Here is another DTR - direct to rubber technique but using dye based ink or even watercolor markers.  Once you add all your inks or markers to the stamp image, "huff" on it with your breath to reactivate the ink (moisture) and stamp.  I like to use altered books as a type of journal or scrapbook.  Here my son is carving pumpkins with his girlfriend.  

Another way to do the above technique is to "swipe" Distressed Ink on a craft sheet.  Do Not spritz water, you want the colors full strength.  Tap the stamp onto the craft sheet and then stamp on surface.

There is so much you can do with one stamp, the choice is just the technique you decide to use!  YES, I love techniques and have been involved with them so much lately.

Be watching for VLVS's Tag Blog Hop!  Members of the DT will be doing TAGs for the 12 days of Christmas.  Each day the DT members will treat you to many tag ideas using Christmas Stamp Sheet 1363.  There will be a link at the end of each blog post which will link you to another DT's blog.  Leave a comment each day, and you can WIN sheet 1363 to recreate the tags!  I will be using 3-D Crystal Lacquer in a few of my tags!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, join in the monthly swap, and be watching for the Tag Blog Hop!!!

Blessings to you all, Lea


Lea Cioci said...

I know it's not Thanksgiving - thought my post was for next week! Got your attention tho. Everyone have a great dinner next Thursday!!!!

Stampo said...

Wonderful techniques, Lea... thanks for sharing.

Lyneen said...

Great post... so full of techniques