Thursday, November 03, 2011

Giving Thanks

Most people are thankful for many things every day of the year.  This is a time to really focus on the gifts that life brings to us.  I for one am thankful for my family, friends, and being able to create art!  I don't know how I'd live without art.

The above tag was created with mica powders and pigment ink.  I "treasure" everything in my life and as the leaves change, I look forward to Turkey, family visiting, and pumpkin pie!

VLVS Products:
Maple Leaf 12046
Miracle Tape

Other Supplies:
Tag Book Page
Mica Powders
Pigment Ink  - Stewart Superior (VLVS Sponsor)
Soft Mop Brush (or Blush Makeup Brush)
Pink cardstock
Black Cardstock
Sticker Word Treasure
Soft Cloth

Stamp Maple Leaf over and over randomly on cardstock one at a time with pigment ink.  (Copper or Mauve ink are good colors).  Pigment ink is juicy and stays wet longer than other inks.  Take the mop brush and dip into the mica powder and tap over the maple leaf you stamped.  Add 2-3 colors on the stamped leaf.  You will have little piles of mica powder. 

Over a scrap piece of paper or garbage can, take the mop brush and burnish the colors of mica powder into the maple leaf image.  The colors will blend.  Don't worry if the background is messy, use a soft cloth wiping over the surface to further burnish the colors and removing the excess mica powder.  The powder will stick on the pigment ink.

Change where you put colors and use different colors to imitate real leaves changing in nature.  The black cardstock makes the color pop - the stamp gives detail and dimension.  If you cannot see on the image, it is very sparkling metallic.  Follow the illustration at the top to finish your piece.

This is just ONE of many designs I will do with this Maple Stamp!   Check back towards the end of November, I will have 2 other projects just like a popular magazine does, "With One Stamp."  I will show you 2 different techniques.  Lots of fun choices, even with a little Maple Leaf!!!!

Bonus - Watercolor Pencil On Fabric.

Cornucopia Stamp  16361
Thank You Stamp 6989

Sometimes I try something new, trying new materials to create with.  I have worked with watercolor pencils on hot press watercolor paper but never on fabric.  I am very happy with the results.  The only thing I would change is the fabric.  I would use cotton or muslin which would be more absorbent than the fabric I used, which I think was a polyester or linen.  It was hard to blend certain parts of the cornucopia. 

Do NOT be AFRAID to try something new, even if the results are not totally what you wanted, you learn, you grown!  You know what to do the next time you create.  I am Thankful for the Opportunity to promote VLVS images and to show old and new techniques. 

Don't forget....Part II of techniques with the Maple image!  Check back in a couple weeks!!!!

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