Tuesday, January 01, 2019


Hiya folks! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Let's jump right into the beautiful new 2019 with our new team... we are making some really big changes & it is REALLY exciting. We will have more people on our blog this year than ever... we are going to be SHOVING inspiration down your throat... haha. ok. maybe not THAT bad, but we will have LOADS of great stuff to share. We are starting off with our CORE team who will be sharing twice monthly. They are followed up by our rock star GUEST team who will be sharing twice in the next 6 months.

The Core Team : 

The Guest Team : 

be sure to follow each of them.. they're all amazing and we're very excited for a fun, rubber stamp filled 2019!

They'll be posting here on our blog, in our Facebook Group, on youtube AND our instagram channel. Inspiration EVERYWHERE :)