Thursday, November 12, 2015

20% off --- 4 new plates o' rubber!

Presale on Four New Plates O' Rubber!
We've just released four brand new plates o' rubber
ready for purchase at 20% off normal price.
$18.36 instead of $22.95 for a short time.
A great selection of iconic and not so iconic Christmas or Winter themed
stamps to use in your seasonal stamping endeavors.  

Plate 1468 is bringing a little outdoorsy and or masculine imagery.
Camping, fishing, extreme sports AND hot coffee? SOLD!

Plate 1469 is a celebration of Fall with animals, wilderness and more.
Last but not least is a plate of artwork by the talented Mary Vogel Lozinak.
This plate is full of whimsical beings and we've thrown in
some fun sayings.
No need for a coupon code.
Just throw 'em in your cart and check out!

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