Monday, October 26, 2015

Enjoy the Journey Book Pendant

I have many friends that like to Art Journal and many friends that love to make books. I think their love for these techniques is rubbing off on me. I wanted to use some scrap mixed media paper I created in a recent class as my book inserts,but I didn't have a lot of it,so I decided to go small and make a book I could carry around on my neck! 

I cut out bit's of the paper I had created to a desired size.To each panel,I added a stamped image,I glued on a word cut out( ),I splattered some white paint and gold spray and added a newspaper to the back of each panel.

I also cut out a piece of brass for the front and back of the book.Cleaned up the edges,drilled holes, and applies a faux etched image using one of the stamps.

The book panels felt like they missing something,so I added a layer of Clear Cast Resin ( each panel as well as the brass cover of the book. I then sprinkled on some star glitter and let the resin cure 24hrs.

I then attached all the panels and front and back of the book with wire.I added additional embellishments and then strung the pendant on some suede cording! 

Each panel is unique and fun!

Viva Las Vegas Stamps used in this tutorial:

Cat Kerr is a Mixed Media Artist/Instructor that lives in Central Florida. Her work has been featured in countless publications such as Somerset Studio,Belle Armoire Jewelry,Sew Somerset and many more. To inquire about her teaching schedule you can visit her at


deb did it said...

what a great tutorial !!! Thanks Cat !! xoxo

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

This is simply brilliant Cat!!! :)

by belle said...

I just love this!!