Friday, February 27, 2015

Guest Designer >> Tiffany Goff Smith

We're welcoming back Tiffany Goff Smith for her second post as our February Guest Designer! 

Hello Tiffany back again with one more project I designed. My goal is to have an online workshop (my very first) soon and it will be on painting purses and wallets.

Do not limit your creativity to just paper or canvas. There is so much else out there you can paint and recycle. I love to go to the thrift store and find things to recycle and see how paint works on them.

This project I used a canvas wallet and layer upon layer built it up with using theses stamps with ink and paint. Yes its ok to use your stamps with acrylic paints just make sure that you clean them as soon as you are through using them.

The stamps that I used added fantastic elements to the piece. Thanks so much for checking out my project and check on my blog to see when the class will be posted.

Writing Circles BG
Double Coffee Rings
Staple X
Mesh Background
Invoice / Waybill


Shanna Shands said...

Super cute clutch. I love mixed media bags!

by belle said...

What a fantastic wallet!!

Chark said...

really love this!