Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mail Art Mania is back!

Hello again!!!
It's me Tera here again with another super fun piece of Mail Art 

For this piece i wanted to stick with the fun medical theme from my last post, but go in a slightly different direction.
 If you like what you see here you can easily recreate it with the following products:
Stamps used: 

Biohazard 2 x 2

Other Items:
Black Marker
Your favorite Black Ink
Color Box ink-Seattle grey (or other Dark grey ink)
Distress ink- Weathered Wood (or other light grey ink)
post-it note or other item to trace to draw your "Rx pad"
Ink Blending tool or make-up sponge
Scrap paper to create "masks" to cover images you want to protect

To begin stamp the Doctor With Needle 2 3/4 x 3 1/4 and Man With Organs Exposed 1 3/4 x 2 1/2  in black and create a mask to cover them so that non of your other stamping/inking will get on them. Next trace around a post-it note to create the base shape of your Rx pad. Stamp the Prescription Pad 2 x 2 letters on the upper right corner and add some numbers for fun! Cover the freshly stamped area of your Rx pad to protect it from further inking/stamping.

Now stamp all of your "background" images (these ones will be in the darker grey)... After those have dried use your blending tool to add the base color of weathered wood (or your favorite light grey ink). Now you can add your Wow factor stamping in black to pull the whole piece together. Make sure to stamp some over the "masks" so that it gives you the depth and feel that they are behind the 1st focal images we stamped... (this is why we use the "masks") 

Remove the masks and enjoy your work of art!!!! 
(add shading with a pale grey marker for added depth if you'd like) 
Can you imagine what the post office workers will be thinking when this passes through?? 

Below are a few more angles so you can see more detail 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today! 


chaddy233 said...

Awesome!!! I love this!!!

Tera Callihan said...

Thank you! !!

Tarnished Rose said...

This is cool! I love it.


Chark said...

Hmmm...maybe don't send my mom's birthday card in this particular envelope...although I could send my sister hers in it and she'd love it. Very cool!

tjs said...

So very cool...

Karen said...

What a great project! Love it & thanks for the great tutorial.