Wednesday, November 20, 2013

scrapbook slash calender with 7 dots studio

Hi Hermine here. This time we teamed up with 7 Dots Studio to work with their gorgeous papers. I had a hard time because the paper is so beautiful as is that you can't enhance it, so I tried to compliment it by using the gorgeous flower stamps and try to match the colours with Lyra crayons. I made a scrapbook slash calender (this is on my wish-list for a long time) so every other spread is a month of the year and every other one is meant to use photo's that reflects that particular month.

These are the things I used from 7 Dots Studio

Made the cover with grey board covered with paper, put gesso on it and sprayed with Dylussions. Then I used the tickets from 7 Dots Studio, stamped the Fris ChamairisLatifolia 18733 with Lyra crayons and water on a piece of paper. Used the Zutter bind-it-all to turn it into a booklet.

I don't know why blogger turns this photo on its side ;o(

Spread to put photo's on, stamped the Fris ChamairisLatifolia 18733 with colours matching the paper.

I used TH alteration die for the months

Calender spread

Used the pointed pen tip 18793 to enhance this spread

Another spread using  Melanthium Vulgare  18729

Close -up


I couldn't help myself, I like to play with my Lyra crayons hahaha. So I made a few cards as well, using the technique from my previous tutorial, but not spraying water but misting it on the stamp. I put some colours on with Lyra crayons, then misted some water above the stamp, then stamped it on a card, only misting water again and stamped a second one, did this a third time on another card, you can see the colour is lighter everytime you stamp but still looking great.

used materials:
Fris ChamairisLatifolia 18733
pointed pen tip 18793
Melanthium Vulgare  18729
Halicabus Judicus Arborescens 18737
7 Dots Studio


Tera Callihan said...

Another beautiful and amazing project !!! I love this calendar as well as the paper, colors, and technique. (i love it all!!)

VicR said...

Great project, Hermine! I've been meaning to do a calendar journal for ages too :) Thanks for the inspiration.

by belle said...

Beautiful work!!

Sandra said...

Great job. Your calendar is sweet and really beautiful :)