Friday, December 09, 2011

Old-Fashioned Christmas Ornament

Hello my darlings!

Aimee here... so good to see you!

I have to tell you, the VLVS Design Team is so awesome. 
We have the best fearless leader EVAH!
This month we were invited to play with Creative Paperclay. 
Check it out HERE.
Have you tried it before?
If not, ya have to!
Yes you can mold stuff and sculpt stuff, but it dries with out having to bake it.

Since Christmas is almost here, and I've been in a Christmas crafting mood,
 and I try to make ornaments for my family members each year (remember my post from last month?),
 I decided to make an ornament for this month's project.
Now, I got to thinking about this- you could also use this piece on a card front
 or in a scrapbook because this is VERY thin and VERY light weight.

Ok, on with the show!

Spellbinder's die
Acrylic paints- red, gold, black
Paint brushes
Cloth and mini mister with water
Heat Gun

Here's the finished project.

What I was going for was the look of an old, grungy, but sweet ornament you might have found in your grandmother's Christmas decorations...Did I get it? What do you think?

Ok, now grab a ball of Paperclay, and roll it out with a rubber brayer.
I lay a transparency sheet (or parchment paper would work) on my non-stick craft sheet to work on.
I rolled this out as close to paper-thin as I could manage. I'd say it's the thickness of thin chipboard.
Press your unlinked stamp into the paper clay.
Remove the stamp.
Press your Spellbinder's die into the clay, cutting side down.
It's not going to cut through, but you've given yourself a cutting pattern!
Remove the die, and use a craft knife to cut out around the outline.
It's best to use a short, almost stabbing motion to cut the Paperclay. 
If you drag your knife through it, you'll just distort your image. No fun!

Here it is cut out with the craft knife.
Now, set it aside to dry. 
 Once it's dry, gently sand the rough edges.
I use my pink Basic Grey file.
 Once your edges are nice and smooth, base coat with red acrylic paint.
Let it dry, or be like me and heat gun that baby!!
Once your red paint is dry, add gold paint all over, being sure to get it into
 the recesses of the stamped image.
Let it sit a minute (till it's nearly dry), and use a damp cloth to rub off most of the gold paint.
Leave the gold paint in the stamped image and in random spots.
 Kinda like this.
 Now add black acrylic paint in a messy fashion, being sure to get it into the stamped image.
Let sit a minute and rub off with wet cloth.
 Make sure you add a little black paint on the edges, too.
 Add some bling.
If you want an ornament, take some sheer ribbon and dirty it up 
with black and gold acrylic.
Glue onto the back of the ornament.
If you'd rather use it on a card or scrapbook page, simply adhere it to your paper 
with your favorite adhesive.

  Here's your wiener!
My now two year old Sammy boy when he was a brand new baby, about 4 weeks old.
Ah, I could smoosh that little face!


Joe M said...

Great project Aimee! I love it.

Magoose said...

Thank you. I have the clay just didn't know what to do with it. Do tell Stampo I said hello and Merry Christmas to all of you.


Alison said...

I really like this - its fab.....

Colleen O said...

I've got to try this technique. Very cool idea

Debbie Buckland said...

Wonderful plaque. Great idea using the die with it.

jennifer said...

cute ornament, tfs