Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holly Santa for Viva Las Vegastamps!

When I find a new stamp I love, like this Holly Santa from Viva Las VegaStamps!, I want to experiment and see what looks I can get. I've included two of my series of my favorite experiments using this stamp. You can see a third on Sakura craft design team block, where I used Crystal Lacquer to give dimension and gloss to the beard.

On the card above I used a technique I love. I took a white Color Box pigment ink stamp pad, a small brush and some water. I put a small amount of water on my brush using an almost dry brush technique where I dip the tip on the pad and paint it directly on the card. I do this several times until I get the effect I want. With the holly I used watercolor pencils.

The papers I used in this card are by Melissa Francis.

On the card above I used "pebbles" brand chalks and very small cotton balls in a holder also produced by Pebbles.
I love how different this stamp looks with different techniques. I still have a card I made with Stickles that I will save for later. Keep watching. Leave some love, comments are welcome.



Shelley said...

Love the idea of using my ink pads with brushes!

LA said...

Great work! I'm going to have to try your ink pad paint technique.

Stampo said...

Thanks, Cheryl for such great cards showing us what can be done with one stamp.

Kim said...

Very cool technique Cheryl! Love your card!

Haven said...

Thanks for your nice post.