Monday, June 13, 2005

Viva Las Vegastamps!

The Viva Las Vegastamps! Retail Store has the most rubber stamps under any one roof in the world! You can view our catalog of unique rubber stamps at
and we ship wholesale and retail orders all over the world.

Viva Las Vegastamps! was founded in 1991 and we have a separate manufacturing facility behind our Retail Store... our complex of buildings features a RubberArt Gallery as well and is directly behind Square Apple NightClub... you have to turn north off East Sahara Avenue either on the street to the east of Square Apple or the one by City Impact/Trinity Life Center... as soon as you turn down either one of these streets, you'll see our signs directing you to our Retail Store... we're just one mile east of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip... come see us! For a map and directions to our store, visit


Fran White said...

I think we should change your name to the NEON KING! Great looking store Stampo!!

Anonymous said...

Stampo! The new look is fantastic! The flamingos must be very happy now with all that neon. Thanks for sharing all the photos with those of us who can't come by as often as we would like.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed my tour. Too bad I can't make it in person. Love your flamingos!!!