Tuesday, June 03, 2014

CD art journal

Hi Hermine here. This CD case was a present from a dear friend and instead of using it as a storage case I decided to turn it into an art journal. Using old CD's as pages.

This is how it looks when the firsts page is added to the case. Below you will find the describtion of this page.

step 1: sand the CD to remoce the metallic layer. I did this in my art room but because the metall is so static it clings onto everything, so i advice you to do this outside. I know I will do so next time.
step 2: Take 3 colours of Memento de Luxe and cover the CD, using the yellow in the middle, sponge  the dge with orange and then a little with red. Heatset untill completely dry.
step 3: Stamp the Harlequin Diamond background 18920 with blue and the spotty background 1461 with Radiant Neon orange. Heatset untill completely dry
step 4: Stamp the Vintage Lighthouse 19288 , Lighthouse scene 19125 and tekst In the pale moonlight 19351 with Memento de Luxe Black. Heatset untill completely dry
step 4: make some accetns with a white Sharpie pen.

As you can see here the CD is semi transparant, I stamped on a piece of paper but the bird where on a spot that they weren't that vivisble anymore, so I used the paper for another page (see below)

step 1: is the same as above.
step 2: sponge the Cd with Memento purple and blue, don't heat set yet but put the large wasp 19014, Waybill/invoice background 19416, washi chevron background 19072, color wheel lines 19338 into the wet ink and wiggle a little, this way you remove the ink and get clear spots. Then heatset untill completely dry.
step 3: stamp pair of boots 19239coffee ring stain 19230pylon 19232 with Memento de Luxe black and heat.
step 4: make some accents with a white Sharpie

Finally I got to use the paper with the birds on a wire. 
step 1: Sand the CD
step 2: Stamped birds on wire 18098 and  the time flies 19008 on it with Memento De Luxe black. Put aside
step 3: colour the CD with Memnto de Luxe green. Heatset and then take a stencil and sponge some blue. Put the paper behind the CD and put it into the sleeve. I love how this looks

Hope you like the pages and get some inspiration of it.

Warmly Hermine

Used materials:

Memento d Luxe and Radiant Neon



Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

A great make Hermine!
Kind regards, Alie :-)

Corrie Herriman said...

Wat een leuk idee, Hermine ! Mooi gemaakt ook !
Corrie x

Chark said...

cool idea and cool album! You could always use alcohol inks on cds too, I do that once in awhile and you don't have to sand first. Love the colors on the first one esp!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Very stunning & original, Hermine.

Paula J Atkinson said...
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by belle said...

OUT-standing Hermine! And a fabulous idea!!

Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW This is gorgeous! I love using CDs but never thought of donig this. Great inspiration!

Gery said...

Such a great Hermine-idea!!!
Who else would come to that thougt for a cd case???
Beautiful and very artistic work.
Thanks for telling us how you did this, although I don't think my imagination is as big as yours to even try to copy this :-))
I enjoyed watching this with the great VLVS.
Groetjes Gery