Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Swap Time!!

Hello Friends! Every couple of months(ish) we host a swap through this group on facebook. Our most recent swap were large match boxes. This post today shares the matchboxes that were received and sent back out!

Right now we're signing up for the next swap.. Altoid Tins in a Halloween Theme! Stop by, read the rules, and join us!

But take a gander at these beauties!

This one is by Mary Vogel Lozinak. She used Caution Frivolity Enclosed and  Braids Lady.

Carol Hodges used the Mermaid with Drink. I really love the gorgeous watery effect of the whole box.

Lea Cioci used Whimsical Fish, A fish out of water, and  
Mermaid holding tail in her nautical themed goodie!

Michele Kosciolek used Sm;)e, Sunflowers and Small Spotted Butterfly to
create this gorgeous nature based bit.

This is by Anne Squire and this girl uses so many stamps all the time, it's INSANE. 
The two major ones on this piece are Eye and Lashes and Butterfly Eyes.

This box is by Marilyn Hughes and she's really great at using a lot of stamps, too! I can't get over that adorable little kitty on the chair, and how witty putting in corrugated cardboard to line the walls!

This one is by Barb Rankin -- full of lots of beautiful sewing goods and
is a total gorgeous vintage sewing box with Lady Sewing ATC on top.

Jennifer Walker combined lots of found goodies with our Wanderlust, Leaves blowing from Tree and Children Playing on toy Car stamps. 

Karen Knight chose to open the front of her box and peek her Steampunk Cat through. She also used Adventure Awaits, Dictionary Page and Hot Air Balloon With Flags.

I knew as soon as I opened this one it was from Dawn. She used our  
Dress From stamp to complete her Paris Match Box.

Lyneen Jessie brings a little softer side to her normal steampunky goodness with this box 

Can you believe all the goodness that arrived at the store for me to sort through? Just glorious! Each and every one.


Tarnished Rose said...

WOW! Everyone did an awesome job!

I was lucky and got Carol H's wonderful box.


Squiddy said...

Indeed, don't we all do marvellous creations :) I'm enjoying Lyneen's flighty creation getting to my place.

carol hodges said...

I know mine came but I'm away so I'm not sure who to thank yet home next week. But they are all great

carol hodges said...

Marilyn I'm so happy you like it. The sand and sea shells is from Pompano Beach

carol hodges said...

Marilyn I'm so happy you like it the sand n sea shells are from Pompano Beach FL.

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Carol - Pompano Beach is just up the road from me. Hope you enjoyed the beach in SoFL. Totally amazing mini masterpieces from everyone :)

Lyneen said...

These are amazing.... love all of them... I couldn't pick a favorite.

carol hodges said...

Susan I live in
Pompano Beach. Where do you live?

Barbara Rankin said...

Wow, these are all fabulous. I could never pick a favorite either. TFS all the goodness.

Chrissy said...

They all look wonderful. Excellent work.

Amy Lynne said...

SO many clever ideas for this swap! The talent and inspiration is certainly flowing! :) Lovely work!

Amy Lynne said...

SO many clever ideas for this swap! The talent and inspiration is certainly flowing! :) Lovely work!

carol hodges said...

Susan where do you live o live in pompano beach it would be so nice to meet and swap ideas.