Friday, March 23, 2012

Art Journaling with Viva Las Vegastamps!

Hello everyone!
Aimee here, with my last post for VLVS!
I've had a GREAT time with the design team, and Wayne, and Terri.
I'll be re-applying in another 6 months for sure!!

So, this time I thought I'd do an art journal page.
I love to art journal. I've got two going right now, and just got a 3rd in the mail.
They are all different sizes, so I use the one whose size fits my mood.

 So... would you like to art journal with me?

On with the show:
Journal or book to work in (mine is a Moleskin watercolor book)
Spray mist (I used Memories Mist from Stewart Superior in Copper)
Pan Pastels (Turquoise, Green and Red)
Sharpie marker
Paper scraps
Black ink (I used memories ink)
Crystal Laquer 
Extreme Glitter paint (Blue)
Tim Holtz Filmstrip Ribbon
Xyron "X"
Heat gun
Paint brush
Spray sealer (I use Krylon Workable Fixative)
Paper towel
Markers/colored pencils/or crayons

 Paint a thin coat of gesso on your journal page.
 Rub some turquoise Pan Pastel on the page.
 Add some Green pastel.
Blend and add till you like it. Then spray with Fixative.
Dry with heat gun.
 Lay a stencil on your page, and paint with gesso.
Lift stencil, and blot with paper towel.
Dry with heat gun.
 Add a second stencil and use Red pastel.
 Cool, isn't it!
 Place stencil on page again and use a little gesso. 
You'll end up with a light pink.
Remove stencil, dry with heat gun.
Spray lightly with fixative. Dry with heat gun.
 Paint some Extreme Glitter on the left side.
Dry with heat gun.
 Lay down a third stencil, and spray with Memories Mist.
Dry with heat gun.
 Seriously, are ya loving it??
 Add a little Sharpie doodling!
 Stamp Caped lady on page and on a scrap piece of paper.
Paint a little gesso along the bottom. Dry with heat gun.
Stamp words.
Add some color to the Caped lady on the page- legs, neck, hat.
Color the arms on the lady on the scrap paper. Cut out the body section.
Run body through Xyron and add to page over stamped image.

 Add scrap papers.
Put some Crystal lacquer in a cup. Add some Terri Sproul mixer
Paint this onto the body of the Caped Lady.
Spread some around her, and around the words.

Run a piece of Filmstrip Ribbon through the Xyron and add to page.
Place stickers on the filmstrip.
Add gems using Crystal Lacquer.

Here's your wiener!
My Sammy enjoying our first spring outing. 
We're very fortunate to live near a wonderful park.
He LOVES the swing.


Kay said...

I love this!

HeatherLynn said...

sooo cool! love!

Stampo said...

Love it... Mary Vogel Lozinak does the greatest stamps... and I'm sure going to miss the wieners!

Terri Sproul said...

love this.. going to miss you...

Sheri said...

great page. love everything! the stamp is on my wish list! :)

Lyneen said...

Great journaling page... love all the techniques. Love your wieners!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

First, love the The page is awesome and what is the "fixative" u sprayed on the ppastels? I just bought some and havent used them yet (pastels)

Aimee said...

Jane, I used Krylon Workable Fixatif.


Molossus said...

Awesome project! We'll try and keep the quality of projects up there--but you've sure set the bar high!!!