Monday, March 13, 2017

Mail Art Monday with Fiona

Hello VLVS peeps! Fiona here with you today to share a little bit of mail art with you!

I don't know how ..... but I keep making purple things lately!! I don't even LIKE purple. maybe that's the thing ...... maybe the universe is secretly trying to train my brain to think purple is cool!!!

Well regardless of what I think ..... the mail art is purple ...ish. With a sprinkling of pink and yellow. It doesn't look THAT bad. Luckily the stamps are SO cool.

I popped a layer of gesso underneath so that the watercolours I used would give a cool effect on the paper that wasn't covered by the gesso. Then i sprinkled some pigment powders over the top and sprayed with water!! I love the final effect!

Viva Las Vegastamps! used:

Thank you popping by .... I'll see you all again soon xx

1 comment:

Annie said...

Fiona, I LOVE your envelope! I haven't got any pigment powders...yet...but I will soon! I'm not a fan of purple either but with watercolors and such the like, it works out so well and plays well with so many other colors...well, at least until they fight and it all turns brown. LoL