Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Greeting cards planner

Hi, Hermine here again. I decided to alter a greeting cards planner.

Step 1. Bought a ready made greeting cards planner (but you can make one yourself using a binding machine). Carefully removed front and back cover by opening the rings a bit. Painted them with black gesso. Then took a doily stencil and white acryllic paint. After drying I glued some tissue paper around the doily and on the back cover with gel medium. When dry put some white gesso over it , dried it with a heattool. When completely dry I sponged 3 colours M'xed media Inx on it and used a heattool to get it completely dry. With white acryllic paints I used a stencil (obn the left side).
step 2. Then put some M'xed Media Inx Jasmin on the chevron banner 19042 and stamped it in the middle at the top of the cover, did the same on the right and left hand side. Always heatset this ink. Then I made some hightlights at the bottom of the banners with a black fine liner and made some shades with black water crayon.
Step 3: stamp the alphabet of plate December Daily 1430 twice on a piece of white cardstock. Punch out the letters for the word "verjaardagen"(that means bithdays in english) and glue in the middle of each banner.
step 4: Stamp with Stazon Black the spotty background 1461 on the flap at the righthand side.
step 5: Stamp the boy with hands behing back 9802 with Stazon Black on white cardstock, and colour in with distress ink vintage photo and a waterbrush, then glue on the flap. Used some rhinestones on the righthandf side of the boy to get a little sparkle.
step 6: take some washi tape and tape all the edges around the front as well as on the back cover.

This planner was on my wish/to-do list for a long time and when I saw this planner on sale I couldn't resist any longer, I simply had to make it and it looks great in my room and makes that I don;t forget any birthdays anymore :o)

Used Stamps:
Chevron banner 19042
December Daily plate 1430
Spotty background 1461
Boy with hands behind back 9802
Stazon Black


Cheryl LIndsay said...

absolutely Fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, as always, Hermine!! :D