Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beleive in Your Dreams

Hello my darlings!
Aimee here, with a quick art journal page for ya.
You know, when I was working on this,
I thought what a lovely, serene note card this would make.
I might have to work on that!
I used but one stamp for this page,
but anyone who knows me well
will understand.
I have a deep abiding love of the ocean and the beach,
and fully intend to live in Florida one of these days!
So,  would you like to make this page for your own art journal?
Allllllll righty, then!
Watercolor paper for art journal page (my page is 5.5 x 9)
Watercolor paints (just the el cheapo kiddie ones are fine)
Derwent Inktense pencils (or watercolor pencils)
Small paint brush & water
Heat gun
Brown permenant ink (I used Ranger Archival)
Word stickers (or print your own and cut them out)
Smooch Spritz (blue)
Quickly sketch a beach and ocean water with your
Inktense or watercolor pencils.
Go over this with a wet brush.
Dry with heat gun.
 Go over your sand and water again, with darker colors,
and blend with water.
Add a very watered down pale blue to the sky area.
 Dry with heat gun.
Spray a little Smooch Spritz on a craft sheet or something else easy to clean up.
Dip your paint brush into the puddle, and add some lines of Smooch
to your water.
 Stamp your beach chair onto the beach.
I place it in the lower right corner.
 Color the beach chair with Inktense or watercolor pencils.
Blend with just the tiniest bit of water.
Sketch a palm tree at the edge of the page using the pencils,
blend, and dry. Go in with darker colors and add a little detail.
Place word stickers on the page, and you'r done!

And, here's your wiener!!

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