Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little story to tell

Hi Hermine here.
This was on my wishlist to do for some time. Its not for the faint hearted because it isn't that easy. I wanted to  tell a little story: A cute little snail was deperately searching for his home, to find out at the end that home is where the heart is. This one line turned out to be a very chunky book hahaha.

step one: take an (old) book. I onze saw this on the net but there was no describtion, so I tried myself with trial and error. I started in the middle and worked from there, folding the pages tot the left hand side of the heart first and then mirrored the right hand side. There was no plan at the beginning so it grew along the way.
step two: this was a paperback book so I made a front and back cover out of grey board. I choose a beautiful paper and glued it on the greyboard. Front Cover: Then I took a stencil with script and stencilled it with black gesso. I stamped the pointed pen tip 18793 and the  leaves blowing from tree 19117 with Stazon Black. teared as piece of a page and glued at the right hand side. Take a piece of paper and stamp the city on snail 18975 with Stazon Black and coloured with water colours. Matt on black paper and glue on the front. Then I used the alphabet from the December Daily plate 1430 and made the tekst, each letter cut out seperately and glue beneath the image. Take a piece of string, turn around your fingers a couple of times and tie a knot. Glue little wooden hearts at the ends and glue at the front. Now over to the back cover: tear a  piece of a page and glue to the bottom. Take some wooden letters, sponge them with Adironack rust and stamp the washi grid background19007 on with Adirondack rust and glue them in place. Glue the little hearts above the letters.
Glue the covers to the exsisting covers of you book.
step three: Punch 6 hearts out of the paper used on the cover and 6 times out of white paper. Stamp with Adirondack rust the line of chevrons  18965 and outline them with a black fine liner. I used package material to make the stems by slicing small strips out of plastic. Glue the stem between the two hearts. Stamp the words with de December Daily plate 1430 and cut out each letter, then glue the words on a strip of paper and glue on the heart. Fasten the stems witgh the heart with tape between two pages. Glue a tiny wooden heart on the front of the big one. I folded some pages at the side to tuck some tags/ticket in. The large tag with the tekst with love was a ready made store bought one. The two tags 19079 and the admit one ticket 19190 are stamped on craft paper with Stazon Black and cut out. tuck them between the pages.

I totally admit this is not an easy project and your skill level has to be advanced. But you can decide to use this as an inspiration for altering an old book and turn the inside into an art journal for instance, it will be chunky also when your finished.

Used stamps:
pointed pen tip 18793
Leaves blowing from tree 19117
City on snail 18975
December Daily plate 1430
Washi grid background 19007
Line of chevrons 18965
tag 19079
Admit one ticket 19190


Nancy said...

Wonderfully creative.

Tera Callihan said...

Absolute favorite thing so far! I love this! The stamps you use are absolutely perfect for it and it is just such a cheerful piece!!!!

Sheri said...

that is so awesome!

Sandra Strait said...

Wow! That's an amazing project!

Tarnished Rose said...

Absolutely amazing.


by belle said...

Absolutely love this!!!

Ruth said...

wonderfully done - I'm inspired to try an altered book

lizmaynz said...

Hi luv your book heart do you have anything on you tube or your page to watch ? :)

Gio said...

It's terrific Hermine!! Love the heart, and the snail on the cover!

dyeandpigment said...

How grand. Congrats to actually getting this project completed..AND it turned out super duper!

Rosie said...

This is brilliant

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Stunning! It's so amazing I'm speechless :)