Monday, November 26, 2018

Mail Art Monday with Elina

Happy Mail Art Monday!
My latest mail art project is created on a craft envelope, using Banksy images and a limited black/brown color palette:

With a help of a stamping platform I first stamped my two main images on the craft envelope. I left the stamps on the platform, and re-stamped the images on a white paper:

Then I cut out the address label from the white paper, following the stamped lines on the left side. I glued the label on the envelope on top of the stamped images.

Then the only remaining thing was the decoration: I stamped some patterns on the top of the envelope, and here and there added a bit of color with color pencils. The background needed a hint of white, so I traced around the edges with a glue pen.
I think the envelope looks quite nice!

For this mail art project I used the following Viva Las VegaStamps! products:

Banksy Pulling Back The Curtain
Banksy Ladder Painter
Typeset Scallop
Staple X
Triangle Arrow Marker

Wishing you a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by!


Julie Steed said...

I saw this in my feed and had to come over and say how cool it is. Love it!!

Elina Strömberg said...

Thank you Julie! :)

RockPaperScissors said...


by belle said...

Love the monochromtic look!!!