Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dance me to the end of love: art piece

 Hello my dear crafty friends!

Today I am going to share an art piece that I made some print publication submission. It didn't make the print, but then I think that it's a good  example of art made with a song line and I decided to share it with my VLVS blog readers.
So this piece was born  from the old Leonard Cohen song and I really love this " Dance me to the end of love" sing as I am a dancer (together with my other half) for maybe 20 years already. I mean dance lessons, classes, contests etc, not this party so called " dancing". As as a dancer this small stamp of Dancing pair is one of my favorites.
What I did here was to stamp the film strips to show that life is like an old movie and then to begin with  color black. to move to sepia, to grey and then to brighter colors as love  becomes bigger and real. The last one is black again as this is all about the end: end of love or end of life or both/
I also added some flower silhouettes around the art piece and stamped the word Love that was made with a stencil (I didn't own any Love VLVS word stamps yet...)
Maybe this is not the best stamp art ever, but it's definitely so much me that I had to share it here.

 VLVS used to make this piece:

Couple dancing lady leg up Item 10673 Plate 1132 Page 578

Dandelion Silhouette Item 19330 Plate 1437

Film strip Item 18921 Plate 1428


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Corrie Herriman said...

Great story behind your art journal, Irit !
Corrie x