Tuesday, September 02, 2014

September challenge inspiration

Hi Hermine,

Here my inspiration piece for september. if you want to enter the challenge take a look at the previous article.

step 1: take wooden blocks (one rectangle and one trianlge shaped) and gif it a licht coat of white gesso, not covering up  the whole surface. Then sponge several colours of brown like Adirondack Mushroom, Latte and Espresso on all sides.
step 2: use Stazon Black ink to stamp Men in Balloon Basket 19002 on the front, flip the stamp to the upper side but make sure the lines are lined up. Do the same with the clockface 19468, starting at the back, then flip to the side, and flip again to the front. Stamp the Hot air balloon with flags 19006 besides the clockface on the back. Then stamp Time Flies 19008 on the side and flip to the back.Stamp In the corner on the side where Time is the small wasp 19011. Stamp the tops of the weathered tree 19467 at the free spaces at the bottom of the wooden block. Make some accents with a white Sharpie. put this piece aside for a while
step 3: Sponge with the same colours the rooftop and stamp the Victorian Floruish 19417. And put aside
step 4: use the quickutz the cut the sign. Once out of black and once out of white. Sponge the white little card and stamp Smile 19181 on it, do this on both sides. Then glue the black parts the the little sign.
step 5: assemble the whole project by drilling 4 holes in the bottom and 2 holes in the top of the block and 2 holes in the bottom of the roof. Hammer 4 nails in the holes in the bottom, the  nail heads function as feet now. Take some wire and put the roof on the block. Take a TH pin put the sign in it and pin into rooftop. Take some thinner whire and tread some leafs on it,  twist it into branches.

Hope you like this project and gives you some inspiration to enter the challenge.

Warmly Hermine

Used materials:
Men in Balloon Basket 19002
Clockface 19468
Hot air balloon with flags 19006
Time Flies 19008
Small wasp 19011
Weathered tree 19467
Victorian Flourish 19417
Smile 19181
Stazon Black
Sharpie white
Adirondack Mushroom, Latte and Espresso
wooden blocks
silk leafs


by belle said...

SO AWESOME Hermine!!! I love the white accents! Gotta get a white sharpie!!

Saundra A. said...

This is great. Love it!!