Monday, April 14, 2014

Two mixed-media collages by mellpellmell (Maria Potapovich) or "Don't ever trash your pink rubber, use the plate's number!" (c)

It's mellpellmell (Maria Potapovich) here today.

Glad to see you <3!

Does it ever happen to you? - You throw something, and exactly a minute later it turns out for you the most necessary and essential?

That is one side.

On the other hand - if you remember that in childhood the main wealth were not the candy (although they were very important too!), but candy wrappers?

Why am I saying this?

Because when you buy a plate of stamps, DO NOT throw candy wrappers!))))) I mean do not throw away plates's numbers  - they are gorgeous as separate stamps too!

Here's an example:

Mixed-media collage "–°old April evening"

In this mixed-media collage in my art-book I've used plates' numbers.
917927 and 1436.

How do you like it?
How cool is that I do not throw it away? ;)

Well, and I will show you one more collage "Map of thoughts"

Here I used common stamps)))  Map background and Hexagon background.

These two collage made ​​in similar colors - although, of course, they differ from each other. They are distinguished by mood, internal dynamics and also saturation...

But stamps in the first and second collage are from Viva Las VegaStamps!)))))

All the best and...  see you soon!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous! Your art is beautiful!

Mell Pell Mell said...

@MichelleZ thank you))) it's all because of stamps)))))))))))))

chaddy233 said...

Love these collages!!!

Tera Callihan said...

these are so cool!! love them!