Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a series of cards

Hi Hermine here. I deciced to make a series of cards using Bistre. Bistre is a powedry substance with lots of pigment and deluted with water it releases its colour. The colours are a bit grungy looking and I really love that.

Here is the whole series in one view.

step 1: Put some Bistre in a spray bottle and add some water. Then spray a little bit on a craftsheet with several colours (I used three).
step 2: heatset it untill fully dry
step 3: Stamp paint brushes in jar 9235 and your color my world 19344 with Stazon Black ink
step 4: use the deluted Bistre as a water colour and give some colour to the brushes. Make some white Highlights with s white sharpie pen.

step 1: Spray the bottom half of your card with water. Then sprinkle some Bistre in it. Heatset until fully drr.
step 2: stamp men in balloon basket 19002, Time Flies and blowing Dandelion and extra seeds19045 with Stazon Black ink

 step 1: Do the same as with the balloon.
step 2: Stamp the Xmas Slihouette collage 19317, Bring on the twinkle 19313 and the Arrow with stars 19303 with Stazon Black ink
step 3: make some high lights in the tree with a white Sharpie pen.

step 1: Spray some deluted Bistre on a craftsheet and put your card in and turn it 90 degrees. Heatset to completely dry then take a stencil and spray on the right bottom hlaf.
step 2: stamp set of three Ornaments 19309, longen the threads with a black fineliner and stamp the alphabet of the December daily plate 1430 and December 25 19301

And yes the last 2 are Christmas cards hahaha, because there is no such thing as start to early, at least for me it is. Every year I promisse myself to start in the first half of the year and then discover in november that I didn't do so, it will defenitely takes out the stress of the holiday season. Hopefully it will inspire you. Have fun playing and stamping around.

Warmly Hermine

Used materials:
paint brushes in jar 9235
you color my world 19344
men in balloon basket 19002
Time Flies 19008
blowing Dandelion and extra seeds 19045
Xmas Silhouette collage 19317
Bring on the twinkle 19313
Arrow with stars 19303
set of three onrnaments 19309
alphabet of the December daily plate 1430
December 25 19301

Stazon black ink


froebelsternchen said...

amazing Hermine! Thanks a lot for the instructions!

Ellie Knol said...
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Ellie Knol said...

wat geweldig mooi Hermine! Het springt gewoon van de kaart af, ook de kleuren zijn geweldig!

Annie said...

These cards are so different and unique. I like the grunge look too. Thanks for sharing your process.

Tera Callihan said...

lovely as always

Tera Callihan said...

lovely as always

chaddy233 said...

Love these!!!

by belle said...

Hermine! As always you work amazes me!! I love these cards and how you used the color!! I need that paint brushes in a jar stamp!!!

Julie S said...

Visually stunning! These really caught my eye. Gorgeous.

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous cards Hermine! Love the colours but also the white on your cards.
Thanks for the photo's and instructions.
Yvon xxx

Lynne K said...

Stunning cards, Hermine, all beautiful! Thank you for showing us how you made them, and for the inspiration.

Daria said...

These are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.