Saturday, June 08, 2013


Hi, Hermine here. Love to work with canvases but with this canvas I like to work on the back because this has such a beautiful finish that it is more interesting to use the back instead of the front.

Some of the materials I collected to use in my project.

Front, at least this time it is.


detail using a star made out of the PVA glue (tutorial in my previous project)
Step 1: Take a canvas and work on the backside. Paint a square with white acryllic paint and outline with a black marker. Take some tacky glue and make a smaller sqaure in the middle, when the glue gets transparant it gets sticky so you can use the metall leafing. Stamp with Stazon Black Dream Big 19047
Step 2: Take 3 of the wooden parts that come with the canvas (they where meant to use to stretch the canvas to pull it tight after working on it) and give them a white wash with white acryllic paint. Then stamp the Small Wasp 19011 with Stazon Black. Nail them on the bottom part of the wood of the canvas.
Step 3: Stamp the Grandville Chicken 18894 (twice) , The Grandville bug 18896  and the Grandville Hawk 18895 with Stazon Black on Kromecote. Make some red accents with a marker. Cut out and glue them on the Cloth pins and slide thecloth pins over the wooden parts. Take a piece of twine and glue this with PVA glue in the slot of the canvas to cover up the staples.
step 4: Make a star out of PVA Glue and adding some metall leafing and gold Pearls into the wet glue, let this dry for at least 2 or 3 days. Glue this on top. Take a little clock embellishment and glue on the right side of the star.
step 5: On the back you take a vellum quote and fasten it with different kinds of washi tape. Glue the Grandville Chicken 18894 on the right hand side. Put this aside and work on the "wheels".
step 6: take some vintage wooden spools and use some washi tape to enhance them. Take smaller wooden wheels, give them a white wash with white acryllic paint and stamp the Spotty Background 1461 on it with Colorbox Chalkink Charcoal. Glue them on on both sides of the wooden spools. Glue the spools at the bottom of canvas.

Stamps used:
Dream Big 19047
Small Wasp 19011
Grandville Chicken 18894
Grandville Bug 18896
Grandville Hawk 18895
Spotty Background 1461

Stazon Black


Unknown said...

this is to awesome

AnyOldCraft said...

This is amazing and so different.
Thank you for the tutorial :)

Lillibelle said...

WoW! It´s really great! I love the fantastic details.

Michelle said...

Very clever! Love it!

Daniella said...

That is an amazing project!! I love using the backs of the canvas. One of my backwards canvases was in Somerset. I also did one tally inspiring!!

Karen said...

What an amazing canvas, thank you for your inspiration and for sharing xoxo

Gerrina said...

Another great and original idea! Fijn weekend, Gerrina

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great project!

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Oh this is just amazeballs!

Kathi said...

Fabulous project.

Thanks for sharing a tutorial.