Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gifts, presents, etc.....

Its seems like this month its been one party after another.
I've had to make a lot  of gifts or presents, whatever you prefer to call them.

This is the way I have been feeling lately.
But, of course,  I do it to myself. 
I generally make some or all the gifts that we distribute throughout the year. 
I try to personalize each and every one to fit the receiver.  
.......anddddd sometimes I (almost) bite off more than I can chew, but I pull out of my 
hat at the last minute and I satisfied with the end result.....
Now the wrapping is another issue......

Supplies are:
Stamps from Viva Las Vegastamps!  
Brown ink for stamping
Actual old news prints
Pink, Peach, Blue, Yellow polka dot, Kraft cardstock
White ribbon
Dew drops

I first stamped the lady image on each of the peach, pink, blue and yellow polka dot card stocks separately.
The I fussy cut out the peach one of the whole image.
Then I cut out different pieces to add on top of the main peach layer.
Blue do-rag, pink sleeves, yellow vest and then adhered them with miracle tape.
The rest of the layering is pretty explanatory from the picture. 
Made a tag and crossed out wrapping paper and inserted the word "newspaper" 
Glued on the dew drops and I think it a pretty cute card.

Until later, gift givers, .....Gotta split......TFL!!!!!


Sandra Strait said...

I agree. It's a pretty cute card! Love it!

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

love it...lots

SHartl said...

Ha ha...this cracks me up and my Mom actually has this stamp!

Cheryl LIndsay said...

Uniquely interesting!!!!!