Thursday, November 01, 2012

You Never Forget Your Friends

Blend mixed media to create a card or illustration to express the sentiment of friendship.  As I get older, I might forget small things - but - I never forget my friends!!!!

For this project a matte board is a heavy weight to use as an illustration, although; cardstock folded into a card can be used.  Stamping on acetate and creating a wax background was also used.

VLVS Images:
8674 Quote: I Forget Some Things
12972 Berries and Leaves (Ink up leaf only and stamp)
18378 Face Collage Mary Vogel Lozinak

Acetate Stamping:  Most stamp/scrapbook stores sell sheets of acetate.  If not, an office supply store selling presentation covers can be used.  Use a good permanent ink (not all are created equal) to stamp image.  I used Memento's (which isn't totally a permanent ink but dries permanent). 

Stamp straight down so the stamp doesn't slip around.  Lift straight up.  Let image sit for about 30 seconds to set the ink.  Alcohol ink is used to tint the image.

Use Miracle Tape Sheet to adhere to the back of the image.  Cut out the image and mount on tag.

Wax Background:  There are many ways to work with encaustics (wax), this is easy and fun.  If you have wax tools then you know how easy this is.  If you do not have wax tools, a simple Clover iron is available at JoAnn's.  It's a small pressing iron with a triangle iron-shaped tip for pressing seams apart.  It is inexpensive and easy to use. 

 I use wax (available at art stores) however, crayons can be used.  Crayons aren't the best and I do not know what is in them, but very cheap in a pinch!

When the iron is heated, touch the back of the iron onto the wax or put the crayon up to the back and let it melt on to the iron.  Use the iron like a tool and spread the wax around the surface of Kromecote cardstock.  You want a good glossy cardstock so the iron glides across the surface.  Use a couple colors - you can do this one at a time or mix the colors on the iron. 

After creating your wax background, stamp with permanent ink and cut out.

While there are 2 different medias used on this project, I added leaf buttons for dimension as well as May Arts suede ribbon.  This ribbon is sturdy, feels cool, and adds a different finish to the project.

Follow the photo's to see where to mount pieces.  Decorative paper, a decorative paper number piece, and the sentiment is adhered.

Fall and Thanksgiving reminds me of all I am Thankful for.  I count my blessings for all the friends I have.  They are all a treasure to me and I cherish them.  Even my computer friends who always enrich my life and support me in all I do!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea


Sheri said...

Great work! Love the melting technique. hmm..never thought doing the melting crayon technique on the Kromecote. I was taught to use Bristol, or any smooth cardstock. so i guess it can work. :)

Sandra Strait said...

Beautiful card!

Kersten said...

Gorgeous card - I love the bright orange leaf! :)

Pinky Hobbs said...

Oh that's so sweet!

Lyneen said...

Great technique! Love playing with wax... love the Mary Vogel Lozinak stamp!

Glenda T. said...

Gorgeous card!

Pinky Hobbs said...

Stunning just stunning!