Monday, September 17, 2012

Sneak Peek!!!

Here is a sneak peek of something happening LATER TODAY!!!!

We'll be starting a super fab new show called "Time 2 Stamp with VLVS!"

and it's going to be SO AWESOME.

Every other Monday starting today we'll be airing videos on tips, techniques, bits n bobs, anything and everything VLVS!

and I thought I'd work up some EXCITEMENT this morning showing a sneak peek of our debut show (it might or might not be the September 12 tags of 2012 VLVS! style!) and unveiling the logo!!

so check this out and come back around 10 am PST!

Be sure and grab stamps 10001 (Typewriter) and 18925 (Art is the only).


Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

This is so fabulous! I'm so excited to tune in to "Time 2 Stamp" with Viva Las Vegastamps!

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

love it this tag totally awesome..sounds like a bits and bobs of a good time to be had.

Sandra Strait said...

What fun! I hope I can make it!

cbee said...

oh that sounds great - looking forward to it!

your tag is so beautiful! love it!

Barbara Rankin said...

Oh boy. This is going to be such fun. I can't wait to learn more, and more, and more. :) What a wonderful idea.