Monday, June 11, 2012

Mary Vogel Lozinak Star Book Cover


This week I made a book cover for the book I made for the VLVS! Mary Vogel Lozinak Blog Hop.   

Using the two inch VLVS! Miracle Tape adhere the ribbon. 

Using the VLVS! Miracle Tape adhere the panel to the book. 

Here is the collage with the Steampunk Womans Head and Steampunk Owl

Finished book all tied up!

If you order from VLVS! be on the look out for a special order package like this one!! You never know what your packaging your order may arrive in!


Molossus said...

I loved your Olde Curiousity Shoppe so much, that I didn't think I could be any further impressed. But you've taken me the next step beyond!

Cheryl LIndsay said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!

Barbara Moore said...

Super super wonderful!

Lyneen said...

Thanks ladies the books are a lot of fun to make!

Barbara Rankin said...

Lyneen, I thought your Olde Curiosity Shoppe book was super clever, and the cover is just as impressive.

leslierahye said...

Beautiful Star Book!