Thursday, January 05, 2012

Elementary My Dear Watson

A close-up view of Sherlock Holmes embroiled in thoughts...see the gears, are they constantly turning in his head????

At the turn of the century the new technology embraces the world - we look at it now and the art formed is called Steampunk!  VLVS has so many images that you can mix and match to create Steampunk art - AND - they have gears to adorn what you create.

This is a very easy artwork to re-create.  I have used these VLVS images:

1.  I have used a 5&7 piece of notebook looking cardstock.  It has gears on the bottom right.  I used inkpads to distress the cardstock further than it is.  Use a piece of foam or soft sponge to do this.

2.  Stamp all images except the little gear and screw.  Color Sherlock with Copic markers and cut out.  Adhere at the bottom of the notebook cardstock with Miracle Tape.  Note:  I used a white pen to accent Sherlock's hair and coat for added contrast.

3.  Stamp the small gears randomly around the page with brown ink.  Stamp some gears slightly off the page to give continuity.  Stamp the screw over the head with black ink.

4.  Stamp both word phrases and use ink to distress the background.  Mount the "Have Time Will Travel" onto black cardstock as a small frame with Miracle Tape and above the screw.  To the left of Sherlock use Miracle tape to adhere the words "I Am Steampunk" to the notebook cardstock.

5.  Glue gears of all type around the page - see illustration.

I used to watch Sherlock Holmes movies, loved The Hounds of the Baskervilles.  I've never read the books, but maybe I'll pick one up now. 

Thanks for traveling with me!  Until next time, may all your journeys create great art!!!


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Lyneen said...

FANTASTIC. Love the steampunk Sherlock.... I may have to get this stamp!