Monday, October 21, 2013

Dressed up for Halloween

Hi Hermine here again. This time I altered a doll I found at a fleamarket, unfortunally I forgot to take a before photo.

step 1: find a little doll to alter. I took this doll apart and painted all the parts with black gesso including the fabric body.
step 2: sponge some white acryllic paints on the head, arms and legs. Not covering the whole parts evenly but let the black gesso shine through. Then make some details with the Sakura of America Micron Pen. Cover the face with cling foil and dipp the hair into the black gesso. Let dry up side down. When dry sponge with some white acryllic paint the hair.
step 3: take the body and stamp with M'xed Media Inx Jasmin the Harlequin Diamond Background 18920 on the front and back of the body, pushing the body onto the stamp instead of the other way around.
step 4: put the doll together again.
step 5: take some skrink plastic and stamp Kids with giant jack-o-lantern 19209, Skeleton family 19206, Halloween tree silhouette 19205,  and Danger skeleton 10363 (5 times) with Stazon Black and cut out, put holes in them and skrink them.
 step 6: make out of wire a skirt by twisting the wire. Hang the skrink plastic in position.
step 7: tie a plastic bat at the back, looking at the front they look like wings. I used a little colourful spider, painting it black and put the danger skeleton on het back with tissue paper as het pet.
step 8: Take a piece of wood, drill a hole in the middle and put a iron bar in it to put the body on. I used black paper and made 4 sides out of it, stamping the Halloween tree silhouette 19205 with M'xed Media Inx Jasmin on all 4 sides. Glue in place and decorate the edges with washi tape. Put some plastic spiders on her skirt and in het hair.

Used materials:
Harlequin Diamond Background 18920
kids with giant jack-o-lantern 19209
Skeleton Family 19206
Halloween tree silhouette 19205
Danger skeleton 10363
Sakura of America micron pens


by belle said...

This is AWESOME!!!

Tera Callihan said...

So awesome abduction creepy! Love it!!

Sandra Strait said...

Spooky and adorable at the same time!

BlackDamaskDesigns said...

i LOVE this! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have several of my daughter's dolls that my dog has half chewed up and I saved to alter but wasn't sure how. I hope it's ok if I link back to you as inspiration if I make anything and post on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah. Ofcourse it's okay and I would be honoured, looking forward to your doll :o)