Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Mixed media tag - Geisha

Hi everyone,

in Germany we are celebrating Christmas Eve today, so thats a good time to wish you all a very merry Christmas! But as the associated "crafting season" is almost over, I'm sharing something different from that today.

This Geisha tag has one of my favorite color combos from the Distress ink range: speckled egg and spun sugar. Don't you agree that they work really well together? I combined both colors in both spray versions (oxide and stain sprays) until I was happy. I sprayed a littly Dylusions ink over a stencil and had a great background layer to work with.

I added some Asian script stamping and added a little ink around the edges of my tag. For both steps I used Distress Oxide ink in broken china. Also, I stamped a pagoda building to the background.

The Geisha was stamped onto watercolor paper, colored with ZIG markers and cut out. I inked the cutting edges before I added her to the tag with some foamtape. I then stamped a matching quote - unfortunately not perfectly straight, but I'm trying not to be too self-critical.

I added a few cross stitch accents with a bright red and a navy-blue cardstock to frame the tag. These two elements made a huge difference for the whole composition.

Stamps used:
Geisha Pouring Drink (5836)
Pagoda/Bushes (5292)
Asian Script Vertical (5279)
Do All Things With Love (19545) 

Other material:
- Canson watercolor paper
- Navy-blue cardstock
- Distress Oxide Sprays (speckled egg, spun sugar)
- Distress Spray Stain (speckled egg, spun sugar)
- Distress Oxide Ink (broken china)
- Dylusions spray (slate grey)
- Versaclaire ink (nocturne)
- Archival ink (watering can)
- ZIG real brush pens
- stencil TCW 554S (butterfly collage)
- ribbon, embroidery floss

Looking forward to create new projects for you next year. See you soon!


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